Katharine Ambrose Art

Katharine Ambrose Art

Katharine Ambrose

Katharine Ambrose portrays the texture and colour of everyday African life in her paintings. She works from memory, sketches, and on location, using acrylics mainly as well as watercolour and other media.

She exhibits regularly and her work can be seen in galleries in the Cape as well as in Gauteng. She has exhibited in Belgium, Singapore, Germany, France, England, and Switzerland and her work is on show in both private and corporate collections worldwide.

Katharine was born and raised in a small seaside town in England and first began to paint at school. She married an Anglican priest who worked among black communities in South Africa and there she discoved a wealth of subject matter. Twelve years in Rustenburg with its platinum mines, farms and among the rural Tswana people inspired her to put down her experiences in paint and continues to influence her today.

Since moving to Pretoria and more recently to the Cape, she has travelled extensively in South Africa and Europe in search of stimulating images as well as painting scenes closer to home.

Sketch by Katharine Ambrose